Mommy Makeover Surgery for Post-Pregnancy Moms

There are many options available for women who want post-pregnancy surgery. Mommy makeover surgery is an increasingly popular option for people who want to repair the damage pregnancy does to their body. There are several components to mommy makeover surgery, and the ones you choose depend on your preferences and budget you just need to chose the proper Marin County mommy makeover surgeon.

Many women start with a tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, to bring back the flat stomach they had before their pregnancy. Even with diet and exercise, it can be incredibly difficult and in some cases impossible to get a flat stomach after childbirth, due to the stretching of skin and abdominal muscles that occurs during pregnancy. Virtually all mommy makeover surgery bundles include tummy tucks for this reason.

Another common choice for post-pregnancy surgery is a mommy makeover San Francisco. The changes in breast size that occur during pregnancy and the effect of breast-feeding tend to leave the breasts lower and less firm than they were before the pregnancy. A breast lift corrects the position of the breasts to where they were before. Depending on the woman, a slight increase or decrease in breast size is added to create the desired look.

Many women include some liposuction in their post-pregnancy surgery package, to help eliminate the fat deposits that accumulated during and after the pregnancy. The amount of liposuction and contouring a woman chooses is highly personal and reflects her specific needs. In some cases, this can mean minimal contouring on the hips and stomach. In other cases, this can involve a full-body fat removal.

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Before you get mommy makeover surgery, you should be finished with breast-feeding if you are doing so. This is for two reasons. First, if you continue to breast-feed after the surgery, it can undo the work that was done on your breasts, if any. Second, you will not be able to breast-feed during the immediate period after the surgery, making it difficult to avoid supplementing with formula, which many women are trying to avoid.

When you’re preparing for surgery you should consider whether you are planning to have more children, because you may need additional surgeries after a subsequent pregnancy. Consider your future plans before committing to surgery. Another thing to do before having the surgery is to set your budget and your surgical priorities before meeting with your surgeon, although financing options are available for mommy makeover surgery.

No matter what kind of surgery you want to repair your body after a pregnancy, there are options that are available to you. If you still have not found a surgeon yet, consider world-reknown plastic surgeon, Miguel A Delgado Jr, MD, FACS.  Mommy makeover surgery is increasingly common, as women strive to maintain their youthful looks after childbirth. You can get a variety of surgical options, alone or in combination, to make sure you look your best post-pregnancy.



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